Self check up

Most of project I work on are commercial projects for clients, this time I wanted to do something for the people and funded the project all by my self. This project was created to help create awareness about self check ups regarding cancer for both men and woman. I have read many stories about people who suffer from this horrible disease and wanted to do my share in regard to creating awareness. The whole project is created in a desert like theme to illustrete the well known sand glass, where the more time goes on detecting the cancer the less time there is in the chance of saving a life. I hope this video helps creates some awareness and people take the time to do a self checkup today. The links to how to preform a self check up can be found bellow for both Men and Woman.
The whole project is a personal project and was created simulating around 100 million particels in Softimage/Hudini, modelling in 3ds max and post production in After Effect. 
Director: Miran Kevic
Concept: Miran Kevic
Script: Miran Kevic
Simulation: Miran Kevic, Mo
Post production & Final Edit: Miran Kevic

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