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In my role as the designer for the Summus Medical Laser, I took on a comprehensive set of responsibilities to bring Dr. Richard Albright's visionary concept to life. My expertise in 3D design, UI design, motion design, and branding was instrumental in crafting the laser's innovative and user-friendly interface. From conceptualization to implementation, I ensured that the design seamlessly integrated with the groundbreaking technology that defines Summus Medical Laser.

Since the product's launch in 2021, my design contributions have played a crucial role in establishing Summus as a global leader in the field. The success of the laser, now utilized by medical, dental, and veterinary professionals in over 51 countries, reflects the effectiveness of the design choices made. Over the span of 18+ years, my commitment to excellence has been a driving force behind Summus's reputation for providing the "best of the best" in laser products, contributing to the company's continued growth and impact in the healthcare industry.


Stark is a company that creates Industry-leading self-service betting terminals. I helped them out creating a beautiful website that works perfectly in their. They wanted something groundbreaking and we pushed the limits to create a great site that presents their product in a great way. All their cabinets offer an extraordinary level of customizability, I tried to show this off in the product page where you can see how the product works when turning it on and off, changing the color and seeing the product in a beautiful 3d render.

I also did all the video and 3d production for this website. All the products are created in 3d.


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